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My name is Andee Flynn and I am an author, a speaker, a teacher and a personal coach.  I believe in living a joyful life.  When I was a little girl I always made the same wish upon a star.  I wished that I could be happy.  I grew up with a great mom and dad who did amazing things to raise me.  But along the way, stuff happened.  I saw things little kids shouldn’t see, I went places kids shouldn’t have to go and I experienced some pretty big challenges.  That’s probably why I was wishing on every star I could.

As I grew up, my choices began affecting every area of my life.  And they weren’t affecting it too well.  I had this inner sense that something wasn’t right.  I was having troubles setting healthy boundaries with people, I had challenges with dating, and even though I had a stellar education, I just never felt good enough.

On my journey, I found a lot of self-help books and seminars that would tell me to just change the way I was thinking.  Sounds easy enough.  I would read a book, get inspired, but I stayed stuck.  I had no idea how to change my life.

In 2000, I made a clear decision that I was done. I started using specific tools and techniques to get me out of the rut I was in.  I began to see real and lasting differences in my life.  I had better friendships.  I gained a real sense of self-worth.  I came to intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle me.

After many years of teaching, I began to branch out.  In 2009, I started speaking. Since then, I have shared my story and spoken to thousands, teaching, inspiring, and empowering them to make lasting change in their lives.  Today, I teach smaller classes and speak to large groups.  But I also work one-one one, coaching people to make changes on the specifics in their lives. At present, I am focusing much of my energy on loving my family and raising our little one. I am still available for private coaching. Although you will not read about it as much as before, if you are interested, e-mail me here for details.

I started Joyful Project because I want to share what I have.  I am here to give you practical tips, tools, and inspiration for daily living. I share from the truth of who I am and where I am. When you come to visit me here you’ll get a little bit of my family life, a little bit of my recovery journey and a lot about the faith that got me here. I’m all about making it real. And I’m all about helping you live a joyful life.



  1. arleen milian says:

    Love this A! So proud of you for taking action and sharing your story with others and being transparent! I don’t have any babies around anymore to run after, so I have no excuse for not writing a blog at least once a week…letting go of perfectionism.

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